New Analysis and PDE Journal

Terence Tao has joined the editorial board of a new Analysis and PDE journal. If you have any papers that you’re looking to submit, consider this one. Journals in all academic fields are notoriously expensive (read unaccesable), and that serves to be a clog in the arteries of progress. There is a growing consensus among Mathematicians, scientists, and academics that information doesn’t belong in the hands of major publishing houses who require you to sell you their soul just to read what’s inside.

Last year, the entire editorial board of the Elsevier journal Topology resigned, and this year the Springer journal K-theory, suffered the same fate. I say good.

I’m glad to see that the Mathematical Sciences Publishers makes available more (potentially) high quality journals that won’t break the bank. Other titles include Geometry & Topology, Algebra & Number Theory, and Algebraic & Geometric Topology.

In the modern world of blogs and PDF Files, the only service the journals provide is their editorial board. We’ll see how the future plays out, and what it does to modern science.



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