Open Access Science and Math Journals the Wave of the Future?

I hope so.

From BioMed TV:

More and more biomedical researchers are seeing the benefits of publishing with BioMed Central. Through their support for open access to peer reviewed research, these pioneers are changing the face of biomedical publishing. They are true leaders, and the benefits of open access that they are helping to bring about will be felt by the whole world-wide scientific community, including in the countries with emerging economies, which up until now have been all but deprived of sufficient access to essential scientific and medical information.

And here’s a video about the benifits of Open Access. 

I would like to see an Analogue in the world of Mathematics.


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  1. Two comments:

    PLoS: the Public Library of Science can be found at:

    Which is an open access journal for scientific (mainly biology) articles.

    For mathematics, we have the ArXive:

    which hosts mainly mathematics and physics. All open access (though if later published in print or e- journals, the publishing agreement may restrict what the arXive version can have (or even if the *is* an arXive version!).

    We can also see what John Baez has to say about all this:

    ex animo-

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