LaTeX Get-Together

When: 10 a.m. Tuesday, 11 December 07

Where: 3rd Floor Atrium, Neuberger Hall, PSU Campus

What: Installing and Learning (Basic) LaTeX. Bring your laptops (if you have one), or whatever computer on which you plan to do your homework. Extra laptops (as loaners) and power strips would probably be helpful. Also have some mathematics you want to render so we can get you up to speed as fast as possible!

I have one extra laptop that I will bring (it’s my wife’s, so if you damage it, you are in big trouble!), and I am going to have the resource links for downloading pretty much everything we might need.

I am reasonably familiar with *NIX, OSX (apple), and Windows XP – at least enough to get everyone up and running. And I have been doing some of Dr. Erdman’s assigned homework in TeX, so I have a reasonable idea of how to render mathematics in TeX too, but caveate! I am not an expert! If anyone out there has some specific knowledge, drop me a line and we’ll work it in.

I have to run now, but check back in a couple of days, and I’ll try to have some kind of outline…


2 Responses

  1. Looking forward to it. Currently, the Abacus is as advanced a technology as I’m comfortable with.

  2. […] let me know when you would like to meet. As for what I am going to cover, look here and here and you’ll see what I did last time.  If anyone has some specific questions, post them in […]

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