Real Analysis: A New Beginning!

Hello everyone!

The text has been updated! So has the syllabus for those of us who want to get a jump on the homework.

I had some trouble with using Firefox to try to download the updated text, for some reason it kept (and still is) showing me the old version. To get around this, I downloaded the Opera browser, which then gave me the new version. I suspect that there is some problem with the Firefox cache, and there is no easy way to delete files from the cache (that I can see).
As for Internet Explorer – well, I haven’t used that one in ages. Safari is a Mac OSX browser that works pretty good, but since I use a PC, I don’t know if it is having any problems in this case. Lynx (a linux/unix command-line text browser) fails to resolve the address, and I so rarely use it that I didn’t bother pursuing a remedy (if there is one).

If anyone else is having problems or has any suggestions, post a comment and we’ll see if we can work around this.

ex animo-

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