And it begins!

The new quarter is here, and tomorrow morning we are going to eagerly flock to PSU to begin classes.

I have gotten lucky, and in addition to taking several classes, I will also be teaching a class: MTH 111 Introduction to College Mathematics I. More commonly, the class is known as pre-calculus. I am fairly excited about teaching it, for while I have taught math classes before, this is the first one I have taught that will actually count for college credit (the others being remedial algebra)!

With teaching, comes the requirement to do a lot of work. I have been working on the lesson plans for my first two classes, and trying to come up with some interesting ways to present the material. I also have to have a syllabus, a quiz (yes, I am a mean instructor), several other handouts, set up the WEBCT site. Whew! There’s a lot to get done, and only one more day to do it all in! (My first class is Tuesday morning).

So, I am off to bed for a good night’s sleep, and then I’ll be up and at ’em bright and early tomorrow morning!

See you all there!



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