Happy Birthday Knuth!

Donald Knuth is the guy who invented LaTeX\TeX and it turns out that today (Thursday, as I write this) is his 70th birthday. For a nice article about him and what he’s done in computer science in addition to inventing \TeX, go here, or here, or follow the links they give!

ex animo-


Thanks to Jeffrey Shallit for the correction.

2 Responses

  1. Knuth invented TeX, not LaTeX. LaTeX is built on TeX and was originally designed by Leslie Lamport.

  2. Jeffrey, you are absolutely correct. Thanks for pointing that out. I certainly do not want to detract from Leslie’s contribution!

    We might take this moment to think of just how many people have contributed – not only to TeX, LaTeX, etc. But also to many of the projects whose fruits we enjoy – as well as to all of those who have created the vast material of mathematics that we get to play with today!


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