Mathematical Biology Seminar

Felicis and I are running a Mathematical Biology Seminar here at PSU. Felicis has been helping to bring us all up to speed on some of the basic Neuroanatomy of Hearing. (We’re starting with a paper co-authored by Lars Holmstrom of PSU entitled: Responses to Social Vocalizations in the Inferior Colliculus of the Mustached Bat are Influenced by Secondary Tuning Curves)

I’ll be talking next week about some basic modeling techniques in relation to the topic above.

This is a big deal for both Felicis and I, as we’re both primarily interested in doing work in Mathematical and Theoretical Biology here in the mathematics department. Felicis’s core area of interest is in Neurology, and mine is in Ecology and Evolution.

We’re meeting on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm. If you are a mathematics student (or for that matter a biology student) interested in mathematical biology, feel free to stop by the new conference room at that time on the 3rd floor of NewBurger Hall

For those totally new the Idea of mathematical biology, here’s the Wikipedia page.

And here are a few more links to wet your appetite:

Some equations from EqWorld

Why is Mathematical Biology so Hard? from the Notices of the AMA

Getting Started in Mathematical Biology, by Frank Hoppensteadt and the AMS

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