Government Gone Wild!

Not good

As you’ve probably heard, the US customs service has, recently, asserted the right to confiscate any and all computers and/or digital storage carried by anyone crossing the US border. They further assert the right to demand all passwords, encryption keys, etc., from the owners. They even further assert the right to keep or make copies of any data that they find, and to share it without limit with anyone they choose.

One Response

  1. Crypto is a funny thing. Rumors float around digg and reddit that government interaction with cryptography suggests that the NSA is 30 years ahead of public knowledge, and they might just be able to crack what you think is perfectly, mathematically secure.

    If you really had something that needed to stay secret, I think hiding it would still be the best solution. Maybe hiding and encrypting. There are publicly available steganography tools that look kind of cool.

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