Proof that Humans Are Evil

The movie WΔZ was apparently inspired by Price’s equation:

Reed A. Cartwright goes into it here.

It describes how the change in trait with phenotypes is related to the phenotypes’ fitnesses, . Note that the genetics of the trait (mutation, ploidy, etc.) is contained in the second term. See Wikipedia for more details.

Now, of course, that doesn’t mean that we’re all going to hell. But, the movie which was inspired by a book on Darwin may make it seem that way:

“It featured a mathematical equation—W Delta Z—formulated by American population geneticist George R. Price,” he explains. “It supposedly shows that there’s no real altruism in nature; no such thing as selflessness. Price was so upset by his findings that he ended up giving away all his possessions to the poor and, eventually homeless himself, committed suicide with a pair of nail scissors in a filthy London squat.”

Now that’s what I call dedication to your work!


3 Responses

  1. Note that the last comment is from the screen writer.

  2. Face it, humans are greedy, cheating, evil, stupid little bastards with no self awareness about kindness around them, so many instances in life prove that. Bullying others, tricking people, lying, stealing, controlling. At least most humans are this way, so very few try to do what’s right at least. There is proof all around to those who aren’t blind that humans are in fact evil little jokes of life.

  3. Then you must be evil to.

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