Winter Quarter

And so it begins again.

This quarter I am teaching Calculus II; finishing up some applications of derivatives and then moving on into ‘anti-derivatives’, or integral calculus.  I am very excited because I am moving into a new area of teaching, both in subject matter and in how I’ll be covering the material.  I’ll try to put up some posts about that later.

I am also taking three classes.

Stochastic Processes and Probability Theory II:  a continuation of the fall course.  We’ll be covering integration in this course also, though from a far more abstract level than what I’ll be covering in my calculus class!  We will also use this theory of integration to examine the moments of a random variable, as well as some applications.  Expect more to come!  One of the coolest things about graduate school (to me) is how we are getting to the point where everything is starting to fit together!

Partial Differential Equations II:  The last course on this subject until next year.   After going through the basics of PDEs last quarter – which is to say looking at systems of two or maybe three variables and learning methods for soling PDEs with boundary conditions (of first and second order – and mostly linear in one or both variables) – we now get to look at higher dimensional systems, problems with infinite domains (so one or more ‘boundary’ is now at infinity), and a couple of numerical methods for ‘solving’ PDEs.  I am really looking forward to this class!

Finally, Graph Theory I:  The fall course was not graph theory, but combinatorics, so I took genetics instead (having had combinatorics already).  Given the connection between graph theory and dynamic systems, I am looking forward to getting some good tools to work with!  The application to neural networks is obvious, so expect to see more from this subject too!

That’s about it for now!  I hope that everyone had a good break.  I’ll add an update next week!

ex animo-


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  1. Thankfully, every quarter is like a fresh start, a new lease on life. Time to pack away the stress of last term and sail off on a new adventure of math-goodness.

    I’m taking: Multi-linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, and Topology. Let the fun begin!

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