After Thanksgiving, and I’m Stuffed…

Full of knowledge, that is. We’re nearing the end of the quarter, and as students we are almost afraid of studying anymore for fear that if we learn one more thing, it will push older knowledge out of active storage…

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Every Topology is a Category!

This is just cool!

Okay, so we’ve defined a topology on a set X. But we also love categories, so we want to see this in terms of categories. And, indeed, every topology is a category!

“Concrete Groupoid Theory”, “Axiomatic Theories”: the Same Subject?

Here’s Part I

And Part II

What are Tannakian Categories?

And why are they important?

But for me (at least), the real reason why Tannakian categories are interesting is because of the role they play in Grothendieck’s original conception of motives.