Back From Winter Break! … Make Brain Work …

Well, I’ve been absent from the blog the last few weeks on account of my being completely melded into my couch.  I tried to free myself, but my efforts were to no avail.  And since I don’t have the interweb at home (I don’t have cable either … I live in the dark-ages) I spent my time reading and drinking tea.  Every day I felt more and more like an aristocrat.  I even grew a beard!

But, the term has begun again, and with it, a new sense of invigoration.  And I am happy to announce that I am at last free from the clutches of the couch.  We had a good battle, but in the end, I won out.

Now … 2 + 2 = ?


Auld Lang Syne – What Was Robbie Burns Thinking?

Well- if you read the words, evidently he was thinking about drinking, a proper Scottish way to observe any holiday, social event, or waking up in the morning. And it is that time, once again, when we join him in slurring the words of that song as we incoherently mumble the bits we don’t know:

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Some Post-Christmas Offerings

Hello everyone!

John Baez has some neat stuff for this week, including a whole slew of free online texts! You’ll find them immediately after the pictures of nebulae.

Also, John Wilkins has a blog called “Evolving Thoughts” and yesterday’s (26 December 07) post, “Basic Concepts in Science: A list” has some more neat links to follow, even if I am not quite sure how many would actually qualify as ‘basic concepts’.


Merry Squidmas!

There are so many celebrations in which we sacrifice trees to our gods, who knows where to start?

To me, it doesn’t matter what your faith, if any, just that we all enjoy the holidays with friends and family!

pacem in terris


Happy Agnostica

Today is Quantum Mechanics Day – the first day of Agnostica! On December 14, 1900, Max Planck presented experimental data at the German Physical Society and said that it could best be explained if energy existed in discrete packets, which he called “quanta.”

The holiday of Agnostica is an invention of Darren Bleuel, author of the comic strip Nukees. And quite a fun one with many traditions that span at least a couple of years! (My favorite being the Möbius-strip chains!) As it says in the banner on his site, “For anyone who has calculated Santa’s airspeed…”

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