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Differential Equations Study Guide … in process

I’ve been asked by a few friends of mine who are in need of a primer on Differential Equations to write up a study guide.  The crazy thing is that I’m not exactly proficient in the subject.  I’m a Game Theory guy.  But, there was a time in my life when Calculus related topics were what I was good at.  I just have to find the information, rotting in my brain, scared to come out.

For me, this will serve to refresh my mind on the subject, but also to provide me an opportunity to learn some latex, as WordPress has the rather nice ability to incorporate Latex code directly into a post.

Stay tuned if you too are far too deficient in your DQ  IQ.

New Look

So, it has been a disgustingly long time since any of us have posted here.  Life seems to have gotten in the way as it often can.  But, those dry times are over, as I’m working on a series of posts on both Game theory and a study guide to Differential Equations (mostly as a way to get me do to just that:  study Diff-EQ).  To celebrate the return to math-blogging I thought a new look may be in order.  It ain’t much, but it’s got a bit more ridiculousness to it, and I find that kind of thing important.

The Viking Math! in the header refers to the fact that Portland States’ Mascot is the Viking.  What is cooler than a Viking doing math in free-form pillage-the-village style? I dare say, precious little.

Science Data Storage, Google Comes to the Rescue!

The giant just keeps on growing.   Google will now be getting into the Science research field by offering data storage to scientists:

The storage would fill a major need for scientists who want to openly share their data, and would allow citizen scientists access to an unprecedented amount of data to explore. For example, two planned datasets are all 120 terabytes of Hubble Space Telescope data and the images from the Archimedes Palimpsest, the 10th century manuscript that inspired the Google dataset storage project.

Happy Birthday Knuth!

Donald Knuth is the guy who invented LaTeX\TeX and it turns out that today (Thursday, as I write this) is his 70th birthday. For a nice article about him and what he’s done in computer science in addition to inventing \TeX, go here, or here, or follow the links they give!

ex animo-


Thanks to Jeffrey Shallit for the correction.

Journal Wars: Higher and Higher Prices Fan the Flames of Freedom

OK, I admit that the title to this post engages in extreme excesses of alliteration. But, the alliterative power behind the words is quite real in the world of scientific publishing and the ridiculously high prices journals (the disseminators of new ideas in science) charge.

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Basic Math: Dumb as a Monkey

New study shows that even college students can perform as well as monkeys on an arithmetic test.

The results indicate that monkeys perform approximate mental addition in a manner that is remarkably similar to the performance of the college students. These findings support the argument that humans and nonhuman primates share a cognitive system for nonverbal arithmetic, which likely reflects an evolutionary link in their cognitive abilities.