Viking Metal Meets Viking Math!

Hammerheart, by Bathory. The earliest Viking Metal album.

Hammerheart, by Bathory. The earliest Viking Metal album.

Wikipedia is a wonderful place.  First the definition of Viking Metal.  And then a list of bands.

Here’s one of Bathory’s videos (only video?) entitled One Road to Asa Bay.  Go Vikings!


Only 3 Classes

Well, my class-load this term is not as large as Felisis’s.  I’m only taking 3: Abstract Algebra, Topology, and Multi-linear Algebra (with Erdman, for those who know what that means).  I’m also still working (as a private weightlifting coach).

I’m gonna try and post a few times a week, including POD’s and other tidbits.

Four Classes:

That is what I have to contend with this quarter.  One class, Calculus II, I’m teaching; the other three: Stochastic Processes and Probability Theory; Graph Theory; and Partial Differential Equations; I’m taking.

I had hoped to be posting something weekly about all of my classes, but after getting started on this post last weekend and not taking it any further, I’ve decided to just make one math-related post a week.  Later today or tomorrow I am going to put up an explanation of l’Hospital’s rule, which gives us a way to calculate limits that would otherwise give rise to what are called ‘indeterminate forms’.  Sometime over this week I’ll throw in a note about where Bessel functions come into play, and next weekend I’ll catch up with some measure theory from the Stochastic Processes class.

ciao for now!


Winter Quarter

And so it begins again.

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Take two…

Well- not much happened this fall…  OK, a lot happened, but we were all too busy to tell anyone about any of it!

The biggest lesson I learned was not to try teaching two classes while taking a full load of graduate credits. And buying a house.  And moving…  Yes, I took on a bit too much, and my posts necessarily suffered.

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Brace For Impact!

The Fall Quarter is about to start here at PSU!  I’ll be teaching two sections of Calc I; learning Genetics, Stochastic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations; and attempting to have a weekly seminar on Mathematical Biology (Tuesday afternoons for anyone who’s interested).

I’m sure we’re all feeling that there is something big about to hit – let’s channel the Viking spirit to turn a face it head on!

ex animo–


And Speaking of Biologists and Mathematics

Well, I see that Nick has been a little more active this last month.  Thus, it is with great guilt that I try to step beyond my laziness and post something!

First, some announcements:

  • I am going to try keeping the Mathematical Biology Seminar going this Fall quarter, though the meetings will be every other week.  My plan is to focus on Neural Network modelling and the use of NEURON software to implement some simple network models.
  • I would also like to keep the old CAMG meeting going, assuming there is any interest.  Drop a comment is you’d like to join us in exploring \LaTeX, as well as some other software.

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